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Here at the Message Board it's anything but cute and fluffy which is why we openly promote competition amongst Message Board owners. Whilst we shall not be divulging the automated process for what constitutes a popular Message Board, rest assured that all's fair in love and war.

So if your Message Board proves to be hugely successful then expect to see it rise the ranks of the White List below.

RankMessage Board NameOwnerDate Created
Number #1.Guide To... NGELiam Young09/11/2003
Number #2.Absolute TerrorLiam Young29/01/2007
Number #3.Eastbourne ElementalLuke12/11/2008
Number #4.a:04 MessageboardJohn Symonds09/11/2003
Number #5.my Writingangdolf25/02/2004
Number #6.Pevensey Cricket ClubEx-Skip17/01/2006
Number #7.Absolute Terror DriftersLiam Young06/02/2008
Number #8.JuliaDolly22/08/2005
Number #9. Lynne Duffalice10/09/2006
Number #10.DysfunctionalLunchDanielle01/06/2006