Everyone hates being left in the dark, not knowing what's going on, if anything, behind the scenes can be kinda annoying. Therefore we've put together this list of work carried out on the Message Board in order to keep you all informed of developments:

12/10/2011 - At long last the Message Board now has a new home on a brand new server! Gone are the days of Windows Server 2000 barely running on an Athlon XP 2200+ CPU rig, now we're kicking it in style on Windows Server 2008 R2 running on two Intel Atom D525 dual core CPUs for a total of 4 cores all fully tapped in a Web Garden!
The new server is also passively cooled so there will be no more summer meltdowns thank you very much. Hopefully the Message Board will now enjoy a new era of stability with some increased speed to boot.

03/03/2010 - Gawd it's been a while since our last update - how time screams by. That said, our latest update is a good one as we've now introduced an HTML editor (TinyMCE) into the Message Board. This little editor will allow you to jazz up the look and feel of your messages!

09/12/2007 - Just some general house keeping today, however, there's also another new skin available. This one's called Absolute Terror.

02/09/2006 - Yet another new skin. This one's called Dogma and was isnpired by the Window Blind's skin going by the name of DogmaX4.

23/07/2006 - Two more skins are now available to try out. Both are further variations of the Blue Sharp skin and are called Blue Sharp [Misato Katsuragi] and Blue Sharp [Priss Asagiri].

25/02/2006 - Message Board administrators can now set retention times for both old user accounts and old message threads on their Message Boards - so there's no need to tidy up anymore! If user accounts are no longer being used then they are automatically deleted. Likewise, old message threads that are no longer being replied to are automatically deleted too.

19/02/2006 - Having now updated every single file making up the Message Board, we've now gone a step further in updating the front end site too i.e. this website. We hope you'll find the new design easier on the eyes compared to the last one. In addition we are also now working on additional functionality for Message Board administrators.

14/01/2006 - To kick off 2006 and a drought of updates, we've decided to upgrade the Message Board. As such we're currently re-writing the code for the Message Board...we shall call it version 3.1 since it was previously version 3! :) We've re-written the code for 35 of the files that make up the Message Board so far and should finish off the remainder over the next 2 weeks or so. It may not look that different as we're primarily focusing on performance and user-friendliness, however, you should see some new functionality springing up as the days pass by. It's been 2 years since we last worked on the Message Board so it needs a little help if it's to make it through 2006.

03/04/2004 - Thanks once again to John Symonds for yet another offering in the Message Board skin department. 'Mireille's Dream' is the title of his latest if you fancy a change then look no further.

29/02/2004 - Thanks to John Symonds for the latest skin to grace the Message Board. It's called 'Tranquility', go check it out!

03/02/2004 - Right...the 'Skin Designers Guide' has been ported to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file...good news for those Anti-Microsoft people out there. In addition, the Message Board its self has seen some minor improvements. Latest messages now auto expand to their location in the message directory TreeView when selected. Messages can now be referred to via their own unique URL, and the coding for all the behind the scenes Message Board administration is now completed, so if your Message Board requires upgrading then we should be able to see to this in double quick time.

11/01/2004 - Happy New Year to everyone! Right, to kick things off we've got a new skin on offer, 'Scarlet Ray', go check it out! In addition the Message Board's skin engine has seen some improvements, and as a result you can now skin the Message Board's scrollbars so that they no longer stick out like a saw thumb. Go check out the 'Skin Designers Guide' for details.

29/12/2003 - The Message Board is now fully up and running, in fact you can go sign up for a free Message Board of your own right now! New skins for the Message Board are very much sought after right now, so if you feel the urge to express your artistic talents then why not do so in the form of a Message Board skin and earn yourself a free Message Board upgrade as reward for your efforts.