What's it all about?

Message Boards are a forum of sorts, a place where people can express their views and oppinions online regarding any subjects. So for example, say you run a website of your own and you're looking to bring your visitors together in a sort of virtual community, then the Message Board is ideal for such a task.

Unlike chat rooms, messages on Message Boards don't just fritter away into nothingless when the screen fills up with insults from some bored teenager who's mission is to insult the world. As such users don't have to all be online simultaneously to share their views. It also means that the Message Board can be regulated more tightly than chat rooms.

Why's it unique?

More often than not, a forum in your website will stick out like an OAP in a nightclub for boy-racers, tarts and slappers. Not so with the Message Board courtesy of its own skin engine. So if per chance you happen to run a website dedicated to the art of boying up claped out Vauxhaul Novas and rusting PUGs then why not make your Message Board look like the backend of a Porsche 911 and give your website some class!

The Message Board also includes some pretty funky administrative tools, so if you've attracted some dodgy crew members then just bin their accounts, or disable them if you really want then to know about it. We've also got avatars and emoticons so all the fluffy people out there can make their messages look cute. You can even configure the Message Board to greet your users with blissful sayings, lay down the law in the Message Board rules section, enter the Message Board into the popular boards White List, view user stats blah blah woof woof. So lots of stuff basically.

But more importantly, it's absolutely free!! Well...parts of it are.

If you wish to change the Message Board's skin to something other than the default skin Blue Sharp, or use the Message Board's graphical statistics functionality, then you'll need to upgrade your Message Board. Upgrading costs a mere 8 pounds sterling via PayPal. This is a one off donation and all money will be put towards the Message Board project to help further its development.

Since you don't have to upgrade the Message Board you can use it freely!

How do I sign up?

If you've decided that you would like a Message Board of your own then all you need to do is visit the Sign Up page, fill in a few simple text boxes and click on the submit button to create your very own Message Board.