Should you ultimately choose to sign up for your own Message Board then you must appreciate and accept the following terms and conditions:

1) can not be held responsible for any loss of data submitted to the Message Board. Simple backup procedures are in place and every effort is made to ensure data integrity, however, you must appreciate that funding for robust disaster recovery strategies is not available.

2) can not be held responsible for any misuse, indecent or otherwise, of any part of the Message Board functionality. Message Board administrators are encouraged to keep a tight reign on the administration of Message Board users, and to ensure within reason that any Message Board content is not of an indecent nature. Message Boards, brought to the attention of, that contain persistently offensive content will be disabled without prior warning to users.

3) is under no obligation to provide a service free from downtime. Every effort is made to ensure that the Message Board runs quickly and reliably, however, you must appreciate that this is a free service. Ultimately, you get what you are given.

4) The Message Board is an ongoing project. Functionality will no doubt be improved over time and new functionality added. is under no obligation to warn Message Board users of any such changes.

5) Advanced message board functionality will remain unavailable, such as Message Board skins and statistics, until an optional small donation of 8 pounds sterling is made via PayPal to Whilst wishes to provide an entirely free service, hosting costs for ASP.NET are not cheap. have decided to allow access to the Message Board's more advanced and exciting functionality to those willing to make the above small donation. You can choose freely whether or not to upgrade your Message Board once you have signed up. This is a one off donation. All donations will be put towards the project to help further its development. Much emphasis will be placed on such functionality over the next few years, so if you want to be able to skin your Message Board so that it ties in beautifully with your own website...then please help support this project.

6) is open to suggestions for new functionality and improvements to the Message Board. The views of users who have chosen to upgrade their Message Boards will take precedence and thus have a greater say in the future direction of the Message Board.

7) understand that any data submitted to the message board my not be used for any malicious act. may choose from time to time to inform users, via email, of new and amended Message Board functionality, downtime, maintenance work etc...

8) can not be held responsible for breach of Message Board security. A lot of effort has been, and continues to be, put into the Message Board's security. It is the responsibility of Message Board users to ensure that their login details are not divulged.

9) reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time without notification to users.

Message Board team.


user - Person utilising any part of the Message Board’s functionality
administrator - See user. In addition, such individuals have a greater level of access to the Message Board’s functionality.


Persons signing up for their own Message Boards are in fact creating their own personalised instances of the Message Board. The Message Board remains the property of at all times.